Piano Movers

When you’re moving a piano, you need expert piano movers.

What should you look for from your piano movers?

At a bare minimum, they need to:

  • Know how to secure and wrap your piano safely,
  • Carry insurance that can replace the piano in case something goes wrong mid-journey,
  • Supply sufficient vehicles, lifting equipment and personnel to move the piano correctly, and
  • Be able to provide climate-controlled storage as needed.

As you may have guessed, moving a piano is no small task. It demands attention to detail and consistent oversight so that minor hitches don’t evolve into disasters. No other piano moving company is as capable as Washington Moving Services, and few are equally willing to guarantee their work.

How Much Will Piano Moving Cost You?

Estimating your total piano moving cost can be tricky. These large objects are heavy, awkward and delicate, so they naturally tend to run towards the higher end of the moving price spectrum. This doesn’t mean that your movers should take advantage of you just because you’d prefer that your piano arrives in one piece, however.

The Washington Moving Services team works tirelessly to ensure that your instrument is just as playable after your move as it was before. We’ve transported many grand, upright and baby grand pianos successfully, and we’d be honored to help you make your new digs a bit more musical. Unlike other moving companies that offer piano assistance, we pride ourselves on our affordable prices and flawless service, so contact us today.

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