Moving tips: When You’re Pregnant

Moving and sometimes even pregnancy knocks at the door when you're least prepared to receive guests. Both topics can stress you out enough without the marriage between them rocketing the stakes through the roof.

moving tips when you are pregnant

You might be thinking you can carefully plan these out so that the two never set on a course to collide, but sometimes you get a lucrative job offer in another state, or your landlord sells the property and forces you from your home. Any number of factors can arise to cook up this stormy concoction. What do you do in a situation where you have to move while pregnant?

Tip #1: Hire Professional Movers

Lucky for you, you don’t have to try moving alone when you’re seven months along into your pregnancy. You’re already carrying the most important package—a human life. Why not let professional movers take over the rest? Here at the Washington Moving Services team, we have the experience and the professional equipment to eliminate stress and let the mommy-to-be drink some iced cold lemonade and watch from a lawn chair. Hiring professional movers also removes the risk that you might have something heavy like a mirror, TV or couch fall on you while you’re moving. Even regular people are in danger of this, much less someone who’s pregnant.

Tip #2: Organize, Organize, Organize!

Even after you’ve hired the professional movers, some aspects of the move will still enter the gladiator’s arena. For example, not knowing where every item has been placed in an endless sea of boxes can lead to confusion and wasting a lot of time searching. You can put everything in line with a notebook that you fill with check boxes and lists. Write and underline Box A, for example, in the notebook, and below the label, write down the items put in the box so that you can go straight to it when searching. It saves time and stress later.

Tip #3: Embrace the Restaurant

We all know the importance of eating during a pregnancy. You either can’t stand the sight of food, or you can’t stop thinking about spaghetti at 3 am in the morning. With our team of Washington Moving Services focused on the boxes, you can prioritize on the more luxurious matters, like relaxing and eating. However, with the kitchen packed up and zero cooking utensils, that basically crosses out a home-cooked meal. Instead, we encourage new families to go eat and bond at a buffet or embrace the restaurant as a necessary expense in the move. Relax and enjoy yourself while the movers take care of the rest of the details.

Getting into a new space can feel stressful but thrilling in the same breath. On the one hand, you might have a new and exciting home, and you can collect ideas for your new nursery. You can draw up a set of plans and unite your resources into a single plan. Both pregnancy and a move can change your life in emotional ways, but you can also see them as a new and exciting adventure. When pregnant, let the others focus on the heavy lifting while you mastermind the move and treat yourself to some relaxing mom time in a comfy chair.
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